We offer consecutive interpreting* and display good endurance, confidence before an audience, clear pronunciation and tactfulness.

*Consecutive interpreting means speakers make pauses while interacting in order to interpret their speech. In other words, the interpreter first hears a phrase in one language, and then translates it into another.

This is a common form of interpretation that we usually offer at:

  • Business meetings and negotiations
  • Private meetings
  • Seminars, trainings and other educational events
  • Exhibitions and excursions

Principle of non disclosure, signed document possible on request.

It always facilitates the work if a client provides us with some information about the topic of discussion or a short summary via email. This will ensure that the material for the upcoming event will be catered to the client's goal. Having experience in interpreting, all of the essential factors that may influence the general impression and opinion of our clients will be managed.